Wedding Shoes.


I just couldn’t help myself! I just love these shoes! When I pulled them out for Violet to try on, she immediately said “WOW!” and had to have them. Perhaps one day, she will get to wear them for her own big day!  ImageImageImageImageImage


New Orleans State of Mind.

Our trip began in the wee hours of the morning. Literally. 6am flight out of KC means a 3:45am wake-up. Yuck. But, we were very excited, so the early hours was only a small price to pay.The Streetcar not named Desire. Our first Creole lunch in the French Quarter. So DELISH! After lunch we walked around the French Quarter and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon here in Jackson Square.Followed by some delicious beignets!!! We did a lot of exploring. There was so much beauty everywhere.You couldn’t help but to fall in the love with the city…or someone special! Dinners were provided by NATCA. Which wasn’t bad at all! 🙂This restaurant was called the Bourbon House. It was so beautiful inside.

Here was our table. We followed dinner by exploring Bourbon Street.

It was very interesting to say the least. But we had fun! And we also got to enjoy this incredible Jazz Bar called Fritzels. Which visited two nights in a row! One day, while Heath was in his conference, I toured the Garden District. And it was so amazing! I learned so much and fell in love with New Orleans even more!The tour started in the Lafeyette Cemetary, which was rich in history. There have even been numerous movies filmed here! Interview with the Vampire was among one of an impressive list.

Here is the restaurant where Emeril got his start. The house that part Benjamin Button was filmed.Sandra Bullock’s house.John Goodman’s house.Anne Rice’s former house. She sold it after her husband died. The detail of her front gate had these skulls. How fitting.This was the last house I saw in the Garden District. They call it the Corn Stalk House.

So, that sums up our trip, pretty much. It was a nice little vacation. But, was good to be home. And, was glad to be back home because Violet got really sick while we were gone, then Grant caught the bug, now I have it. So 3 out of 4 us are all sick! Taking care of 2 sick toddlers while sick yourself is NO FUN! We watch a lot of Monsters Inc.And get to take trips to the Doctor.

I ‘m lucky that we are hit hard this week and not next. We have to be all well for a special California visitor who is coming to help celebrate a very special boy’s 3rd BIRTHDAY!

66 degrees in January!

Not sure what’s up with our weather; we should be knee deep in snow and ice by now! Effects of global warming? I don’t know, but we are going to definitely take full advantage of some nice weather! We loaded up the new tricycles and met up with Grant and Violet’s bestest friends, Elias and Olive! The kids were so excited to just run around and play!!! Grant loved his new trike so much, he was pedaling it all over the park like a complete tricycle pro!Elias’ lil sis, Olive. She loves to watch the kids play. She just watches and watches them. Soooo cute!

Rolling in the New Year!

We have two happy little kiddos with their new tricycles! THANK YOU, SANTA!! They are riding them all over the basement until it gets warmer. Although, it’s only going to get colder (I mean COLD!) before we can have hopes of warmer tricycle ridin’ weather again.

2012 is only a few days away! Can you believe it? I can’t! Of course with the new year approaching, we’ve been thinking of all the changes that could take place over this next year. It could be a BIG year for us Wilsons! I’m already having photography bookings for the new year, even a WEDDING! My very first! I’m WAAAAY PUMPED! BRING IT! And speaking of my biz….I’ve done a few updates on my photography site. Take a peek if you like.

I hope all of you have a marvelous new year!

Washington DC in late November

I love love love DC! The city is so amazing to me. This was my first time seeing her all decorated for Christmas, and what a beauty she was!! One of my favorite sights was to see the White House. How amazing! Unfortunately, they don’t light the National Christmas Tree until December 1, the very day we left to go home. But with all the other beauties going on, not sure if my brain could handle any more, so just as well. Our beautiful Capital! Inside the Capital’s Rotunda…it was absolutely amazing! Inside the Library of Congress. Breath-taking! The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is the largest Roman Catholic church in the United States and North America, and is one of the ten largest churches in the world. Construction first began in 1920. By 1961, the exterior was complete, and by 2007 the interior was complete. Visiting this cathedral was like visiting one of the great cathedrals in Europe way back in the day when they were all new and shiny. I wish I could’ve captured just how massive it was inside. I feel like pictures just don’t do it justice. Truly amazing!Gold tile covered the ceilings. Your spirit couldn’t help but be lifted high. And ours were just soaring. Until.. I really wanted to see the Holocaust Museum, but should’ve seen this first, and then went to the Cathedral. Right across the street from the Holocaust Museum is my Dad’s work. Well, he works at the USDA here in Kansas City, but has to travel often to DC, and this is where he goes. The USDA covers about 2 blocks! It’s HUGE! Lots of ag biz to handle I suppose. Just because the boy can direct planes, does not necessarily mean he can direct anything else. Long story short, he took us on a big loop to put us right back in front of the Holocaust Museum. But, we finally found the Washington Monument.

Along with the WWII Memorial.Beautifully done!I stood in front of the White House and just stared and stared at it. Thinking of all who lived there. (Okay, mainly Jackie Kennedy) Nothing better than just relaxing and reflecting with a Pumpkin Spice Latte after taking in all the sights of DC. It also pretty neat to just go to a coffee shop, and not have to chase a 1 year old and 2 year old all around. Not that we EVER go to a coffee shop! Here in these parts, Starbucks has drive-thrus! These are really expensive electric cars! Like 200K! Heath asked me if I had ever heard of Tesla, and I said the band? He just rolled his eyes at me. I soooo don’t keep up with expensive cars. Back to our hotel for a fun night with the NATCA folks!!!! Oh, did I mention NATCA was the whole reason we were there? 🙂 We had SOOOOOOOOO much fun in DC!!!!!! I felt like we were on a 2nd honeymoon! I really really loved it.

Our little star.


Last night was Grant’s big night; it was his Christmas Program! He was amazingly cute!As the procession of children walked down the aisle, Grant caught sight of Grandpa B, and just stopped in the middle of the aisle creating a big traffic jam!!! It was really funny! At this point, I was instructing him to keep going, but it was hard for him since he would’ve rather stayed and played with Grandpa. He was so cute sitting on the steps with the other kids singing “This Little Heart of Mine”.I’m thinking the little girl in the middle was not a fan of the music. But was so cute anyway. Grant and the 2 Buzzes did great! So proud of them! We all went to Winsteads for a celebratory chocolate shake afterwards. Grant loved this! It was also fun for him to be the center of attention since Violet could not come due to being really sick. Grant was mainly excited about being with Grandpa and cared less about his chocolate shake. Bonus for Mommy! It was even extra special to have Great Grandma from Georgia and of course Aunt Cayla come to his big night!!!

The Nap-time Buzz

Grant prefers to have all of his Buzzes watching over him while he sleeps. We go through the whole routine of lining them up and counting them every time it’s either nap-time or bedtime. It all started with 3 Buzz Lightyear’s, and then more and more joined the crew (from a bin of toys someone gave us), now there is even this scary looking Scelator guy among the line-up. Grant asks me who he is, and I have no idea, so I told Grant that his name is “Bob.” I almost pitched him because I thought he was too frightful looking for my sweet little 2 year old, but “Bob” has softened up a little, and he may just stay. But, his hand is a SAW! EEEK!Grant always likes to have Buzz “On top” anywhere he is. So, if he is in the living room, Buzz has to be “On top” of the entertainment center, if Grant is in the dining room, Buzz has to be “On top” of the table. Buzz pretty much keeps an eye out. He is our protector. Oh, besides this one, who also likes to be the “protector”.

Predators: BEWARE!