Well, it is officially Fall now. It is cooler, almost jacket weather, the leaves are turning, it is getting dark earlier, there are more and more pumpkins around… it is here, FINALLY! After such a hot summer, finally a little cool weather. But bittersweet. Now you have to start figuring out the weather; wear a jacket, maybe just bring a jacket just in case, sweater, hoody, long sleeves, or maybe it is just a short sleeve day…. ugh… all the decisions to be made in the morning. And then there is the “Should we turn the heat on? It is really cool in the house…. even though I was wearing short sleeves today, it is now cool in the house…. well maybe just for a little bit to warm the place up a bit” And especially in the Midwest, it is the never ending inconsistent temps…. one day the heat, the next the a/c.

For Fall being our favorite season, it is the first season we get to enjoy in our new wonderful home and beautiful neighborhood. A big bonus for us. It is so nice to be able to enjoy the little things along the way, because life has been a handful lately. Any home owner knows all the stress of the house buying process, and then the first few weeks trying to make it your own…. completely exhausting. Combined with instability at work due to the loss of USAA, I was in danger of being laid off yet again. And then to top it off with being in a car accident totalling my car. argh! But, everything has seemed to work out. Yesterday after what I call “Black Tuesday” at work, totalling 19 layoffs from my department alone, I survived the lay off! phew! Then Sunday, we found a perfect new, but used car for me, a 97 Honda Accord EX. Fully loaded, leather interior, bumpin sound system. A sweet car! And, the house, well, it is still here, slowly becoming a home for us. And what about our beautiful wedding photos? We still have not uploaded all of them, we are in the process and will keep everyone posted. Among the many tasks at hand, we still find time to spend good quality newlywed time together. We are also seeing a honeymoon in our near future!

This weekend we are headed East to St. Louis. A Halloween weekend. We are still deciding what we are going to be. Sandy, our wonderful dog is going to be an astronaut. Among the festivities this upcoming weekend, one that Heath and I are really excited about is taking the Autumn drive into Illinois. A very special event for us. I will be sure to update all with pictures on the blog. I didn’t have any new pictures uploaded, but wanted to give an update of us for all the curious minds out there.

My dad is still in Baghdad and doing well. He is a Lt. Col. so you can only imagine his living conditions. ha! Anyway, we miss him very much and are looking forward to his return.

We are also trying to figure out when to have a house warming party. Hopefully in the near future. We will keep all informed. We do have a guest bed room, and another bed room for people to crash. Also, our door is open for any visitors! We would love to have you!