On our recent trip back to STL, Heath declared that he was the Grand Master Syrup holder. Upon his request he wanted this posted on the blog for all to see…mainly the Wilson family…and mainly his sister.

In other more relevant news….we are a day away from our delayed Honeymoon. Yes, thats right…we are about to do nothing but bask in the glorious sun for 7 whole days whilst drinking fruity alcoholic beverages via a coconut. We are just about packed and ready to set flight to the Bahamas. I am not really sure what it feels like to do nothing for 7 whole days. I am usually very active with many responsibilities, mainly working to my discontent. If not working, I am constantly on the go….cleaning, cooking, art projects, photo projects, taking care of Sandy, defending our country in the Air National Guard, running errands, American Idol, etc. But for one whole week, I will have none of that. Besides all the fabulous activities to do on a resort in the Carribean, Heath and I have great novels to enjoy beachside – which I am most looking forward to! Speaking of wonderful novels, Heath and I just read “East of Eden” by John Steinbeck. A wonderful wonderful book! It is definitely at the top of my list of all time GREAT books! If you haven’t read it and are wanting to read something great….you should really consider this page turner!

This is where we will be eating breakfast at the resort. : )