This was probably one of the fastest months to date. So hard to believe that it has been a month since we were in the hospital giving birth. We have been so overjoyed being new parents to our Grant. Tuesday, March 3, Grant gave me his first smile. I have yet to capture it on camera, but did get on the camcorder. That night he gave me only a couple of smiles. The next night, last night, he seemed like he was getting more used to the idea of his new trick. I can’t believe how much my heart melted seeing his whole face light up and smile; it was a moment I had been patiently waiting for, since the only emotion I had been getting is frown that turns into a cry.

I have taken the idea from my sister-in-law, Lori, to photograph each month next to the same stuffed animal. I just loved the idea when I saw that she did it, and since I love to document everything, I decided to do it too. This was a very funny photo shoot. Since Grant can’t sit, I had to keep balancing him up on the couch as Heath would try and get the shot. Grant would balance for about a half a minute or so, then fall into his puppy. It was the cutest thing!

This past weekend, we took Grant for the first time over to my parents’ house. Their dog, Leon, who is just like Eddy on Frasier, was very interested in Grant. He kept staring at Grant, just as Eddy does to Frasier. I think that Grant has made a new friend for life.
We also had our last snow of the season. Not that I can predict the future, but it is March, and really don’t foresee anymore snow this season. It was, however, Grant’s first snow! He couldn’t really open his eyes because it was so bright, but at least he could somewhat see the snow. (maybe)
This week, we took Grant to an Infant Massage class. And I am not saying this because I am his mom, but he was the best baby in the class. (until the very end, that’s when he started to cry, maybe it was because he wasn’t getting a massage anymore) He LOVED his massage. We learned how to do different massages to loosen up his legs and arms, and to help with his gas. (I never thought that “gas” would be such a main topic in my life before). Below is one of the gas massages.

This was a facial massage. Ironically, after his facial massage is when he started smiling at me. Wonder if the two have any connection?
Ahhhhh…..all done. What a happy baby!