Perhaps Grant may not appreciate me showing the world all his poopy low lights, but this one was the ultimate showdown. Too funny not to share.

So, yesterday, I put him in his jumper. He is happy as can be jumping around, laughing, squealing in delight. I leave him for all of 10 minutes in the living room by himself to jump away. I am only in the next room, so I can hear him perfectly. All I hear is the jumper, the repetitive song it plays over and over when he jumps and all his cute baby laughs. So, I am thinking, he is totally content. No problems at all. I come back into the room to find why he might have been laughing so much.

Oh yes…there it is….total poop mayhem. As soon as I walk in the room, he stops jumping only for a second to give me a big smile. Then he continues his poopy jumping. Of course, he saved this for when only Mommy was home. So after a few quick photos and videos, he went straight to the tub. It is so wrong the things that come out of my precious little 5 month old!