Well…I have officially entered my thirties. A day I used to think was far far in the distance. As a child/teenager/young adult, you never really think of yourself getting older. You mainly feel repressed by your age and you just can’t wait for whatever birthday to come up so you can drive or vote or drink legally. Now it’s all different; birthdays start becoming dreaded. I definitely dreaded this birthday. It even feels weird to say it…”thirty”. I know in ten years I will be singing the same song about forty. Oh well, at least I had a fabulous birthday, thanks to my great husband! Wonderful food and wonderful company. I couldn’t ask for more. Except, maybe some wine…but that can wait.
Along with saying good-bye to my twenties, I also said good-bye to nice weather with one last day at the park with Grant, Sandy and Walker. I can’t help but reflect on Grant’s first year, and all our walks to the park in our neighborhood with the crazy dogs. Grant loves our walks, loves to swing in the swings and loves to watch Walker play “chuck-it”. It is our only year just us; next year we will have a baby sister in tow. Even though I treasure Grant’s last few months as our one and only, I am sure he will treasure having a best friend other than Walker.