We have celebrated many firsts this year: first smile, first Easter, first Thanksgiving, first tooth, first word, etc. Today, we had another first. Not one to celebrate though. Grant had his first big fall. Grant and I have a weekly lunch date usually followed by an array of errands. He is a very good date. Every week it is the same place, Mr. Goodcents. I feel like this must be one of my pregnancy cravings, because I cannot go one week without it. I get my usual sandwich and I get him bread, which he loves from there along with a jar of Gerber. We were having a delightful lunch today. He was all smiles and giggles. He was sitting up so straight at the table in his high chair. I was just thinking how big he was getting; how he didn’t seem so babyish anymore. So, just as I was wrapping up our lunch and just enjoying our view of a beautiful sunny day. Grant decides it would be a good idea to stand up in his high chair and lean his arms on the table. Everything went so fast, and before I knew it, he leaped out! He landed on his side on top of the hard Mr. Goodcent tile. Of course I didn’t have him strapped in…why would I? Is that what parents do? He is always so good in the high chair and usually wants to try and put the icky strap in his mouth somehow, so I had decided there was no need for him to be strapped in. Besides, I am right next to him. I am pretty quick. He can’t do anything crazy with me less than a foot away. WRONG!

Luckily, he landed just on his side; he had his head curled up. But, he was traumatized as was I. One second, I have a happy little baby in his high chair, the next…I have a scared, hurt baby laying on the floor. I scooped him up trying not to make eye contact with any of the people in the place. I had that scared/ embarrassed feeling going on. I was sure everyone was looking at me with a judgmental eye thinking bad thoughts of why I didn’t have my baby strapped into the high chair. I walked outside with Grant hoping that would calm him down. We stood outside for a long while until he regained his composure, fortunately, it was a nice day. When I came back into the restaurant, a few people asked me if he was okay. I embarrassingly said yes, and then they told me stories of how their kids jumped out of strollers or cribs. It was so nice to hear after I was beating myself up so much.

We went home, instead of the grocery store, and he went right to sleep in my arms after a little Tylenol and a bottle. He woke up from his nap a happy baby!