2010 is here already! Just seems like it was 2000. I remember thinking in highschool how strange and foreign letter jackets looked with ‘oo or ’01 on the sleeve. But I guess ’98 must seem strange now to the present highschoolers. Maybe more old than strange. (whatever) Anyway, New Years 2010 is Grant’s last ‘first’ holiday. I think I am getting slightly sad to see him about to turn one. This first year of his little life has passed me by so fast.

We had a nice New Years Eve. That evening we went to Olive Garden for dinner….yum! I think every other family with a baby had the same idea for NYE. We had a pleasant dinner with a happy baby. Couldn’t have asked for much more. After dinner, we came home, put Grant to bed and watched ‘500 Days of Summer’. We were in bed by 10. It was a really nice and relaxing NYE for us. A good way to end a decade. For New Years Day we went over to my family’s house for a wonderful New Years dinner. It was a good way to celebrate Grant’s last first holiday.

(best buds playing with their Christmas presents together)