Yesterday marked Violet’s very first celebration of Independence day. We celebrated by going to a festival in our town. I think she had a pretty good time for the most part. Not one fuss till the end. I am pretty sure she is going through some sort of growth spurt, because this cutey pie has been nothing but fussy the past few days. So, for her to be content during this festival, I knew she must be enjoying herself. Plus, she figured out who she is going to vote for for US Senate. 

And this cutey pie definitely had a good time at the festival! But if you notice the water here. This was the highlight of the whole festival for him. We took his shoes off, and he just stomped and splashed. Forget the puppet show, the kangaroo, the camel, the pony rides, the water slides, the police cars, the little ferris wheel, the kids band, snow cones….the thing that Grant thought was the coolest was the water in the street. I guess we could have just stayed home and made him a little puddle in the driveway.

I am pretty sure Grant is looking at this camel thinking, I sure wish I was splashing around in some water.

Here is my smiley little firecracker. She was definitely the belle of the ball in her cute 4th of July dress given to her by her Grandma Marie.

The fireworks show did not disappoint these babes. First they saw the fireworks show in D.C. then New York and Boston. What a better way to celebrate a first and a second 4th, then to see the best firework shows in the country right from the comforts of home!