One of the major things I was excited about this fall, was the pumpkin patch! I love everything fall! Everything about it is exciting to me. Growing up, I don’t believe I was ever taken to a pumpkin patch. So, a lot of the activities a pumpkin patch has to offer is a new concept to me. This is not just your run of the mill grocery store (what I have grown accustom to) where you pick out a pumpkin outside the entrance, it is an actual pumpkin patch with lots of other fall festivities. How exciting! I guess that is why I especially love the pumpkin patch with my own kids. I love doing the things with my kids that I never got to do. It means so much more. : )

So, one thing I have never seen was a tractor pulling painted barrels calling itself a train ride. I really thought this was the coolest thing I ever saw! I wanted a ride myself, but considering I didn’t see any other adults in any of the barrels, I thought it probably is just for the kiddos. I really didn’t think Grant would go for this. But, he did….until he couldn’t see us anymore. Then it was pure torture for him. The tractor-barrel-train only went in one little circle, so it was not long before he saw us again. Oh, he was so sad! It pretty much ruined him for the longest time.

Violet was loving every minute of the pumpkin patch. She loved being outdoors in the beautiful weather and seeing all the new sights. She especially loved being carried by Daddy!

We were trying to make a few attempts to get some nice shots with the babes in the patch. But, given all the exciting pumpkins in this patch, we could not get these babies to give us any good smiles.

Oh well, we had fun trying though.

I really love it when these two engage with each other. As Violet is getting older, they are talking or playing with each other a lot more. Super Cute!

Grant found his perfect pumpkin! He was so proud! And, I was so proud of him. It was like he knew exactly what we were doing out there….looking for pumpkins!

We really had a lot of fun hanging out in the patch, playing with these cutey pies!

One lesson I have learned from this experience, is to try and capture the group shot at the beginning. Everyone is fresh and in a good mood. Here everyone is completely over it!

She just will put anything and everything in her mouth.

We ended up having a great time. A definite tradition in this family!