Autumn Drive: another reason I love Fall! Fall would not be complete without a traditional Autumn Drive. We had the perfect day for it too, except for the trees turning late this year. So there was not as much color as we usually see.

The first thing we do while we are waiting for the ferry is collect rocks to throw into the river from the ferry.

Waiting for the ferry, Grant is wondering what the big thing is that is on top of the water carrying all the cars.

I think the ferry ride is the most fun part of the whole drive. Grant loved watching the water. This year we taught Grant how to throw the rocks into the river. He is already a pro!

Violet was really enjoying the nice breeze we had while aboard the ferry.

For an added bonus this year, we took Grammy Wilson out to lunch for her birthday at the Pere Marquette! We had the most amazing catfish! MMMM!!! Getting hungry just thinking about it.

Outside of the Pere Marquette lodge, Grammy noticed a beautiful plant to take a picture by, and I am so glad she noticed it; I just love the picture and the background! After the birthday lunch at the lodge, we went up the mountain, full of catfish, to the Pere Marquette State Park. What a view!

At the top, overlooking everything, Heath and Grant take in the beautiful view. Heath explains all the different trees to Grant.

Grant thoroughly enjoyed himself!

On the way back, we stopped at a farmstand to get some cider, apple-butter and a pumpkin. This really was the perfect day for the perfect drive as Violet’s very first Autumn Drive. She had a lot of fun too! I’m not just saying that either, just look at that cute smile!