After my visit in Indianapolis, the babes and I packed up to head to Fort Wayne. Here we visited my long time best friend, Kim. In case you were wondering, Kim and I met in Basic Training way back in the day.



The most special thing about this trip, was meeting each others children. I have met Aiden a few times, her son, but not her daughter, Abby. And she hasn’t met Grant or Violet. It is really hard to see friends far away when you are busy having babies!!! So, finally, we cut out a week to spend some much needed quality time together!

We feel that our lives parallel in so many ways. One being that we both have 2 babies, a son and a daughter. Our sons were both January babies and our daughters are both Spring babies. (March and April)

Grant is only 8 weeks older than her Abby. Future boyfriend-girlfriend here.

They really enjoyed eachothers company.

Kim and I really had a lot of fun enjoying our girls together. We also loved dressing them up together.

And the girls really had a lot of fun with each other!

Lots of hugs

and kisses!

Violet really wished she could walk to keep up with Abby.

My Sienna turned into quite the baby bus!

A highlight for Grant was seeing the jet, Bill, Kim’s husband flies.

Baby girl’s FIRST Halloween!!!!

We did a Wizard of Oz theme for Halloween! Super cute. But we literally thought we herding cats!

Cutey Pies!

Grant’s first time Trick or Treating all by himself.

Kim’s beautiful family!!! We had such a wonderful time together. Only wish we lived closer!