We had a very special Birthday weekend for our very very special boy. On Friday, cousin Ashlee from LA, came to town.

We made a big pink sign to welcome her to our city, and so she would not miss us in our huge airport.

We all had a lot of fun just hanging out.

Ashlee was excited to see a little snow. Too bad she left the day of the big blizzard of 2011! The poor girl is so deprived in LA with no snow.

On Saturday, we went to Lawrence, KS and had a lot of fun! We lunched, we shopped, we even had cupcakes from the cutest little cupcake place!

We also were able to get the decorations for the big party while we were in Lawrence, and have some fun in the party store.

For dinner, we took her to the best bbq place in town the world, Oklahoma Joes! Even Violet was pumped!

Sunday, was the day of the big BIRTHDAY party. We started the morning at IHOP, and since it was Grant’s birthday party day, we got him a happy face pancake!

Let’s get this party started! Grant 2, Violet 10.5 months.

Violet had a lot of fun with Grant at his party. She is definitely the social butterfly of the two. This girl will go up to anyone! She can’t wait for her birthday party next month!

Not only was it soooo cool that Ashlee came to town for Grant’s birthday, but she was the biggest help! And it was so special that she made the cupcakes for the party.

The hostesses! (Heath was at work while we put the party together)

The kids had a lot of fun decorating their own cupcakes. Grant needed just a little assistance from Grandma.

Grant was totally pumped to open so many presents! Grandpa was equally as pumped to help!

I just love this little guy! I can’t believe he is already 2!

We had trick candles for him since he really loves to blow out candles.

Happy boys!

When he woke up on his birthday morning, he found more presents! These presents were from us and the people who weren’t at his party.

The big gift we got him, was the little table.

We spent his birthday day playing at a place called Little Monkey Bizness. The place we originally wanted to go to was closed. We all had a great time! All of us were able to have fun and act like big kids. : )

Now that Grant’s birthday is over, I have to start thinking of someone else’s FIRST birthday! Time is flying!!!! And, that someone is getting a little jealous of the lack of attention on the blog.