We planned to hit up Sea World before heading to Clearwater on Friday. I was SOOOO excited about Sea World!!!

And, Sea World did not let me down!

My favorite part of Sea World was the Dolphin Nursery. Grant and I loved to sit and watch the dolphins swim around and do random tricks.

Another favorite for me was seeing all the pink flamingos and their attitudes. ha ha! So funny!

Grant is already such a little Wilson man, attempting to guide us in the right direction.

I also really loved the Shamu show!!! It is so amazing to me! Everything about it….AMAZING!

After our Sea World day, we drove to Clearwater…..

ate dinner….

laughed and joked around….

had so much fun, even though the food was a MAJOR disappointment. Bad food, but GREAT company, and that’s all that matters to me! : )

After dinner, we drove around and took in all the beachy sites at sunset….

I guess another Pearl had the same idea.

I heart being on vacation!!!!!