Life for us is soooo non-stop!

I feel like every other day, I’m up at Hy-Vee for something!

There are also a lot of calls to make.

A lot of lotion to test out as hair gel.

Constantly places to go!

Lots and lots of Kansas City barbeque to judge!

Lots of decorating Easter cookies and dying Easter eggs.

and not to mention all the Easter eggs to hunt…

…if Big Brother doesn’t get them all first!

Palm Sunday “Easter” with my parents.

Violet getting spoiled by her Aunties!

More eggs to dye at home with Daddy!

Grant really loved dying eggs!

Almost as much as he LOVED to hunt them!

“Daddy, I got this!”

“Don’t worry Daddy, you can still help me!”

Kate Middleton has nothing on this Princess!

Happy Family!

The BEST thing I ever bought for Grant! Learned all his letters extremely fast with this puzzle. His favorite favorite play thing. Even Violet loves this!

Soaking up some Grandpa Jack time!!!

Only 3 more Guard Drills for this Mama!

Had a slight problem at Guard Drill coming back from lunch…the wheel fell off the car as I was DRIVING! A little scary! Fortunately was on a country road.

Had a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day!!!! Thank you to my awesome hubs and kids!

We also had an amazing visit by my family from LA!!! But, that deserves a whole blog post, so more on that later!

When we aren’t having extreme thunderstorms or tornado warnings, we have been having some amazing weather! Lots and lots of wagon rides for the babes!

Taking cover in the basement as the tornado sirens blare while we have tornado warnings! Scary! Tornadoes are my 2nd biggest fear (riding as a passenger in a motor vehicle in traffic or bad weather on highways, particularly the 405 in LA, is #1). I seriously have re-occurring nightmares about Mr. T coming to destroy our house. So, after the huge devastation in Joplin, MO the other day, I knew these twisters were not messing around anymore. My whole theory of only more rural areas get hit bad flew out the window. So, as three different cells were forming over our METRO, I thought this could only be that “rapture” theory people keep talking about.

But, it wasn’t. We were safe!

By the next morning, today, the sun shined brightly, and the kids got a lot of great Daddy play time at home and the park!