Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to completely catch you up on this summer. I will try once the kids start going to the Church twice a week. But for now, here is a quick snapshot on some on-goings.

Violet walks now! It’s AWESOME!!!! We had a few set-backs, but she is a full fledged walker now! And it only took 16.5 months for her to really walk!

We go to this park, like….ALL THE TIME! It’s so close and both kids just LOVE it! It’s really cool for us to see our little babies become little kids and run and play.

I had my very last drill with the Missouri Air National Guard after 13 years! So, Grampa Jack came over to our house via train to help with Grant and Violet. He even gave Grant a MUCH needed haircut! Now, we have to make sure we still see Grampa regularly so Grant can get a haircut! You just can’t get haircuts like this at any ole barber shop. Grant looks very handsome with his new haircut if I do say so myself!

I’m so thankful to have been apart of the 241st Air Traffic Control Squadron! It is truly a wonderful organization, I was able to meet so many great people, create lasting friendships and meet Mr. Dream-Come-True! It was really bittersweet saying good-bye.

The very next day, the kids and I went to see one of my oldest and bestest friends, Ali, who was visiting from Indianapolis. Her brother has a horse farm, which was amazing!

Here I am pictured right before my big dumb decision. My big dumb decision was to ride this very horse bare-back. I was on all of 10 seconds before I was thrown off! It was very very very scary! It’s a long story, and a dumb one at that. But, all is well with me. No injuries.

We decided to take a few photos on Heath’s birthday.

I just LOVE these kiddos! I also LOVE this picture!

We had a lot of fun having a little mini photo shoot in the backyard.

For Heath’s birthday, we grilled out Filets and I made him a German Chocolate cake. Everything was so scrumptious! It really was a special day. : )

I’ve also been busy with my little business. You can check out some updated work on my site.