Grant prefers to have all of his Buzzes watching over him while he sleeps. We go through the whole routine of lining them up and counting them every time it’s either nap-time or bedtime. It all started with 3 Buzz Lightyear’s, and then more and more joined the crew (from a bin of toys someone gave us), now there is even this scary looking Scelator guy among the line-up. Grant asks me who he is, and I have no idea, so I told Grant that his name is “Bob.” I almost pitched him because I thought he was too frightful looking for my sweet little 2 year old, but “Bob” has softened up a little, and he may just stay. But, his hand is a SAW! EEEK!Grant always likes to have Buzz “On top” anywhere he is. So, if he is in the living room, Buzz has to be “On top” of the entertainment center, if Grant is in the dining room, Buzz has to be “On top” of the table. Buzz pretty much keeps an eye out. He is our protector. Oh, besides this one, who also likes to be the “protector”.

Predators: BEWARE!