Last night was Grant’s big night; it was his Christmas Program! He was amazingly cute!As the procession of children walked down the aisle, Grant caught sight of Grandpa B, and just stopped in the middle of the aisle creating a big traffic jam!!! It was really funny! At this point, I was instructing him to keep going, but it was hard for him since he would’ve rather stayed and played with Grandpa. He was so cute sitting on the steps with the other kids singing “This Little Heart of Mine”.I’m thinking the little girl in the middle was not a fan of the music. But was so cute anyway. Grant and the 2 Buzzes did great! So proud of them! We all went to Winsteads for a celebratory chocolate shake afterwards. Grant loved this! It was also fun for him to be the center of attention since Violet could not come due to being really sick. Grant was mainly excited about being with Grandpa and cared less about his chocolate shake. Bonus for Mommy! It was even extra special to have Great Grandma from Georgia and of course Aunt Cayla come to his big night!!!