Our trip began in the wee hours of the morning. Literally. 6am flight out of KC means a 3:45am wake-up. Yuck. But, we were very excited, so the early hours was only a small price to pay.The Streetcar not named Desire. Our first Creole lunch in the French Quarter. So DELISH! After lunch we walked around the French Quarter and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon here in Jackson Square.Followed by some delicious beignets!!! We did a lot of exploring. There was so much beauty everywhere.You couldn’t help but to fall in the love with the city…or someone special! Dinners were provided by NATCA. Which wasn’t bad at all! 🙂This restaurant was called the Bourbon House. It was so beautiful inside.

Here was our table. We followed dinner by exploring Bourbon Street.

It was very interesting to say the least. But we had fun! And we also got to enjoy this incredible Jazz Bar called Fritzels. Which visited two nights in a row! One day, while Heath was in his conference, I toured the Garden District. And it was so amazing! I learned so much and fell in love with New Orleans even more!The tour started in the Lafeyette Cemetary, which was rich in history. There have even been numerous movies filmed here! Interview with the Vampire was among one of an impressive list.

Here is the restaurant where Emeril got his start. The house that part Benjamin Button was filmed.Sandra Bullock’s house.John Goodman’s house.Anne Rice’s former house. She sold it after her husband died. The detail of her front gate had these skulls. How fitting.This was the last house I saw in the Garden District. They call it the Corn Stalk House.

So, that sums up our trip, pretty much. It was a nice little vacation. But, was good to be home. And, was glad to be back home because Violet got really sick while we were gone, then Grant caught the bug, now I have it. So 3 out of 4 us are all sick! Taking care of 2 sick toddlers while sick yourself is NO FUN! We watch a lot of Monsters Inc.And get to take trips to the Doctor.

I ‘m lucky that we are hit hard this week and not next. We have to be all well for a special California visitor who is coming to help celebrate a very special boy’s 3rd BIRTHDAY!