About Grant

Grant Kinkade! I just love this little boy to pieces. He is such a little charmer. And he is always on the move. The only time this little ball of energy wants to hold still is when Baby Einstein DVD is playing or when he is asleep. He is go-go-go-go! Either he getting into things that he knows he isn’t supposed to, pawing at the door to go outside, or running away from me. He is also very passionate about lids. The concept of screwing on and off a lid is absolutely fascinating to him.

At 19 months, his vocabulary isn’t too extensive. But, he is working on it. He has the rest of his life to talk, and if he would just prefer to grunt and growl now, then fine. Even though he doesn’t say a lot, he knows a lot. He knows where a lot of his body parts are. He will even retrieve certain things for you. Which is awesome!

Grant also loves Violet. He is such a sweet sweet brother. He likes to go up to her crib when she wakes up in the morning or from naps and reach his hands up to the top rail and say ‘Hi!’ to her. Super cute!

He loves to be read to. If he sees me reading to Violet, he will go grab a book that he wants me to read, and climb up on my lap with Violet. It becomes a fun story time reading to both of my babies.


1 thought on “About Grant”

  1. I just love his smile and his eyes. I remember the late part of June. Yes, he is such a busy body and he is also a sweet little boy. We miss you!

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