About Heath

Heath, my dream come true! Not only is he the best husband a girl could ask for, he is an amazing Dad to the babes. And seriously, what can’t he do? After he is controlling air traffic for a living, he serves in the Missouri Air National Guard once a month, he renovates bathrooms, stains fences, car repairman, he fixes like everything, he gives massages, he reads to the babes, and he even cooks! (and good too!)

Whenever he isn’t doing all that, he likes to sit down and enjoy a glass of Jack Daniels. He loves Jack Daniels! Like, LOVES it! If you ever want to do something nice for the guy or give him a gift, just give him some Jack and you have one happy Heath!

And as of this year, he has abandoned his obsession for NASCAR! I guess God really does listen to me!


1 thought on “About Heath”

  1. Oh no! And on the same year I sent him a “Naas Car b-day card?! The horror!!!

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