Wilson Family Reunion 2011

A couple of weeks ago, the kids and I, minus Heath, went to his family’s annual reunion. It was also a celebration of a very special Grampa’s 70th year. Heath was in training, which was very last minute, but when the Military calls…it calls. Fortunately, with how far technology has come, he was able to Face Time in a lot! So, he still got to be apart of a lot of things. We also really missed Heath’s brother, Todd’s family a lot. But, they were there very much in spirit! Just look at the picture!

Here is a little slideshow of the festivities…

Halloween 2011

Here is our Spooky Family, getting ready for some major Trick or Treating! Heath is Bobby Boucher from Waterboy, Grant is Thomas the Train (refused to wear hat), Violet is Minnie Mouse with wings, and I am Dolly Parton’s Angel Ghost.

This is Grant and his BFF, Elias. They are also in the same class at the church. These two are thick as thieves.

So happy to have Daddy home to trick or treat with us!

This is my friend Sylvia, mom to Elias and Baby Olive, the Banana.

Grant did not understand the concept of just taking one piece of candy and was trying to help himself to the whole bowl!

Violet was very confused at first….

but, Elias and Grant were there to show her the ropes.

This was our whole crew!

We had so much fun!

The kids just LOVED trick or treating!

Violet quickly got the hang of the whole trick or treating gig!

Grant was willing to take candy from just about anyone!

He had such a blast!

And Violet was making Spooky friends of all kinds!

Heath and I declared this Halloween the BEST Halloween EVER! It was so fun with our kiddos!!! They loved all the festivities from carving our pumpkin to the costumes and trick or treating!

Our Scary Jack O’ Lantern Heath and the kids did. : )


1.5 and 2.5

Lately, I have been pretty busy with lots of photo shoots! I was thinking that I haven’t really done a recent session of the kids. So, yesterday, we went to Liberty Memorial to document the kids at ages 1.5 and 2.5. So, here are a few of the pics.

I mainly wanted to go to Liberty Memorial to see the Cargo Train Car Boxes all stacked up. Little did I know, I was walking right into a huge political rally. That resulted into a major parade through our city. Folks sure are fired up!

The Cargo boxes spell out USA on one side, and IOU on the other. The IOU side faces our Federal Reserve. And just in case you were questioning where the Federal Reserve is….

Someone wrote out the directions for you. And just as a disclaimer, I’m not very political, and I was merely spectating this.

Daily Life in September

If you are wondering what we do from day to day, here is a glimpse…

Runnin’ Down a Dream

This past weekend, I ran the Plaza 10K pushing the Littles the whole way….in the rain. (Hence the dorky water proof PT gear). This run was great despite the rain. A nice, flat course around Kansas City’s prettier parts, with the slight exception of a few blocks in the ghetto. We ran through the Country Club Plaza, up Ward Parkway (which has beautiful mansions), back down another street of the Plaza, and through my alum campus University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). My Dad also ran, but we did not run together. His pace is a lot faster than mine, even if I’m not pushing two little tots.

You can see a little glimpse of Grant. Violet fell asleep. They were all bundled up with a blanket, their milks and breakfast. Even with all that comfort and luxury, Grant kept saying “Up! Up!” He is not one for being a passenger. He thinks he can get out and run too. I was concerned he wouldn’t make it the whole way in his tent on wheels, and was tempted to just call it quits after mile 2 because he was upset about me making him ride. But, he finally settled down, and I only heard “Up!” here and there. I felt like things were a little backwards when I was constantly encouraging Grant that he was doing a great job. He was so happy when we finished and was able to run around with Grandpa!

My team!

I am in training for my 2nd Half Marathon in St. Louis on November 6. My first one was waaaay back in 2007 before the kiddos and back drama. Some may think I’m crazy, but I really enjoy running; it makes me happy! It’s MY time! And this Mama of a 1 year old and a 2 year old NEEDS some alone time! : ) So, not only am I having some quality time with myself, I’m doing my heart a favor, which is really doing my kids a favor in the long run.

Built with LOVE!

I’m so proud of my Dad! And filled with a lot of love that he built my babies a tree-house! How awesome is that?!? It is not all the way complete, but he has the majority of the work done. Grant and Violet love it! Grant especially loves going over to Grandpa (PA-PA)’s house to play in the tree-house. He loves talking about his tree-house too. Soooo cute! : ) Just had to share!

Long time…no blog…

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to completely catch you up on this summer. I will try once the kids start going to the Church twice a week. But for now, here is a quick snapshot on some on-goings.

Violet walks now! It’s AWESOME!!!! We had a few set-backs, but she is a full fledged walker now! And it only took 16.5 months for her to really walk!

We go to this park, like….ALL THE TIME! It’s so close and both kids just LOVE it! It’s really cool for us to see our little babies become little kids and run and play.

I had my very last drill with the Missouri Air National Guard after 13 years! So, Grampa Jack came over to our house via train to help with Grant and Violet. He even gave Grant a MUCH needed haircut! Now, we have to make sure we still see Grampa regularly so Grant can get a haircut! You just can’t get haircuts like this at any ole barber shop. Grant looks very handsome with his new haircut if I do say so myself!

I’m so thankful to have been apart of the 241st Air Traffic Control Squadron! It is truly a wonderful organization, I was able to meet so many great people, create lasting friendships and meet Mr. Dream-Come-True! It was really bittersweet saying good-bye.

The very next day, the kids and I went to see one of my oldest and bestest friends, Ali, who was visiting from Indianapolis. Her brother has a horse farm, which was amazing!

Here I am pictured right before my big dumb decision. My big dumb decision was to ride this very horse bare-back. I was on all of 10 seconds before I was thrown off! It was very very very scary! It’s a long story, and a dumb one at that. But, all is well with me. No injuries.

We decided to take a few photos on Heath’s birthday.

I just LOVE these kiddos! I also LOVE this picture!

We had a lot of fun having a little mini photo shoot in the backyard.

For Heath’s birthday, we grilled out Filets and I made him a German Chocolate cake. Everything was so scrumptious! It really was a special day. : )

I’ve also been busy with my little business. You can check out some updated work on my site.