Recent work by Pearl


Recently, Heath’s Sister’s Family, aka The Clark Family, moved from Tulsa to a town out of St. Louis called Wentzville. I wanted to give them a fun, creative, playful, but still look nice housewarming gift. I was inspired by a few ABC prints (A is for…., B is for …). After looking at several different versions of the alphabet and all the little things each letter represented, I started thinking that I would like to do something like that but more personal. I mean, I know they have 4 kids, but how many alphabets do they really need around? So, after thinking long and hard, and thinking some more on top of that, Heath figured it out for me! Gotta love a man who has a way with words. He said “Just do ‘Clark Family’!” Oh! Yeah, I could do that! So, there you have it! A fun, creative, playful, but still nice looking housewarming gift that has incorporated everyone in their family.

Greeting Cards

Recently, my dear cousin had a birthday. I wanted to do something very special for her, because who wants to turn 33? I also knew she would totally appreciate a gift that was made by yours truly. I knew she loved to send correspondence in the snail mail. In fact, we only used to keep in touch with each other through snail mail. You know, way back in the days of Yore. Long before the convenience of email or free long distance. We used to write each other all the time, plus make each other compilation tapes then CDs. So, why not make a greeting card with all sorts of different one liners and salutations on the front. It brought back so many memories of past conversations we had. It is cute and fun just like her!


2 thoughts on “Recent work by Pearl”

  1. Oh, I love. I love. I love.
    And how much are your fees, Miss? Because your work is fabulous!

    Did you make a Wilson one for your house or did you do a different word? I would love to see the any others too!

  2. I love my cards! And have made use of the snazzy box since I used up the cards (it holds all my running things: stop watch, hair clips, hair bands, head / wrist bands and energy gels). And 33? Its not so bad. Everyone warns me of 40 though!

    The Clark Family print is way cool! You are so clever!

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