This past weekend, I ran the Plaza 10K pushing the Littles the whole way….in the rain. (Hence the dorky water proof PT gear). This run was great despite the rain. A nice, flat course around Kansas City’s prettier parts, with the slight exception of a few blocks in the ghetto. We ran through the Country Club Plaza, up Ward Parkway (which has beautiful mansions), back down another street of the Plaza, and through my alum campus University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). My Dad also ran, but we did not run together. His pace is a lot faster than mine, even if I’m not pushing two little tots.

You can see a little glimpse of Grant. Violet fell asleep. They were all bundled up with a blanket, their milks and breakfast. Even with all that comfort and luxury, Grant kept saying “Up! Up!” He is not one for being a passenger. He thinks he can get out and run too. I was concerned he wouldn’t make it the whole way in his tent on wheels, and was tempted to just call it quits after mile 2 because he was upset about me making him ride. But, he finally settled down, and I only heard “Up!” here and there. I felt like things were a little backwards when I was constantly encouraging Grant that he was doing a great job. He was so happy when we finished and was able to run around with Grandpa!

My team!

I am in training for my 2nd Half Marathon in St. Louis on November 6. My first one was waaaay back in 2007 before the kiddos and back drama. Some may think I’m crazy, but I really enjoy running; it makes me happy! It’s MY time! And this Mama of a 1 year old and a 2 year old NEEDS some alone time! : ) So, not only am I having some quality time with myself, I’m doing my heart a favor, which is really doing my kids a favor in the long run.